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God Is Able and Willing

     Recently while standing in line at my local bank, I considered how banks are one of the more reputable establishments in the world today. The bank tellers have a supply of money on hand to be able to cash our checks. We are always confident that the bank is willing to give us our money upon request. Many people have such confidence in their financial institutions that they request all their wages be deposited directly into their bank accounts each payday. If a bank can be relied upon in that way, what about God and His ability and willingness toward us when we claim the promises in His Word?
     God is absolutely trustworthy. He is not only able but willing to keep that which He has promised in His Word. It is up to us to be fully persuaded of God’s ability and to judge Him faithful Who has promised. Abraham, Sarah, and Jesus Christ confidently trusted God. In their examples, we will see that trusting God’s ability and willingness to do that which He has promised in His Word is essential to receiving His promises.
     God’s ability always equals His willingness. This great truth we must know in order to live a life that is more than abundant. We will take a moment to set this truth in the context of an overview of the five things we must know to receive anything from God. Seeing this will help us manifest the greatness of the power of God in our lives.
     To effectively tap the resources of the more abundant life, we first find out what is available. To find out what God has available, what He has promised us, we go to His Word. There are hundreds of different promises in the Bible. Once we know a promise in God’s Word, then we can claim it. In III John 2 is one such promise illustrating what is available:
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
     This verse clearly states God’s desire above all things: that we prosper and be in health. God never desires that His people be lacking or sick in any part of life. He wants us to abundantly prosper and enjoy good health. This is an example of going to God’s Word and finding out what is available.
     Knowing what is available from God, we then need to know how to receive it. The how of receiving is believing. The law of believing, simply stated, is that what we believe for or expect, we get. Therefore, when we believe for or expect what God has promised in His Word, we receive those promises in our lives.
     In The Bible Tells Me So, by Victor Paul Wierwille, Part II is entitled “What We Believe Equals What We Are.” This section of the book clearly teaches the practical keys necessary to believe rightly. It shows how our lives are molded by our own believing. It goes on to explain the law of believing so that we can manifest the more than abundant life which is promised in God’s Word. By believing we can receive what God has made available.
     The next thing to know after we have received a promise of God is what to do with it. The proper use of the abundance we receive from God yields proper results. For example, I was in line at the bank to withdraw funds for a trip. I knew the money was available and how to receive it. However, to gain the greatest benefit, I had to use the money for the intended purpose. Though I could have crumpled up the dollars and stuffed them into the fuel tank of my automobile, that would not have served very well. I needed to use the finances correctly. I bought gasoline for the car and enjoyed a wonderful trip. Likewise, we go to God’s Word and learn how to properly utilize what we have received.
     It is also necessary to have our needs and wants parallel, or in balance. Philippians 4:19 states, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” This is a promise that is available to receive by believing. Notice it states that God “shall supply all your need.” It doesn’t say God will supply all my greed. If I only need a little but want a lot, then I am not balanced. If I need a lot, but I only desire a little, then my need will not be met. We get results in prayer when our needs and wants are parallel with each other.
     It is interesting to note that these first four principles are primarily what we do; they are actions we take. However, all the while we are doing our part, we have the assurance that God is able and willing to do His part, which is the fifth principle. God’s ability always equals His willingness. He is faithful to bring to pass what He has promised in His Word….

This is an excerpt from the March/April 2006 issue of The Way Magazine.
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