About The Way International

The Way International, a global, nondenominational Christian ministry headquartered in rural Ohio, is dedicated to bringing the accuracy of God’s Word to the world. Established in 1942, The Way International has evolved into a Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry that spans over thirty countries.

The Way recognizes that many people suffer from a lack of understanding regarding what God desires for their lives. As a result, followers of The Way are devoted to Biblical research in order to understand and teach what God originally intended when He had His Word written. Because the Word of God is the will of God, The Way teaches people of all ages how to understand the Bible for themselves and how to bring God’s promises of abundance and power into reality in their daily lives.

Followers of The Way pursue spiritual growth through home fellowships around the world, where people come together to gain an accurate understanding of God’s Word. It is in this setting that a teaching from the Bible, praying together, and singing Word-filled songs all contribute to edifying and strengthening each participant.

In addition to making available home fellowships for spiritual nourishment and growth, The Way International offers numerous Biblical classes and various publications designed to unlock the truths of God’s Word. These resources are readily available to those who desire guidance and answers to difficult questions—whether they are young or more seasoned in life.

One of the many publications to enjoy is The Way Magazine, a colorful bimonthly print and digital magazine of The Way International. Designed to help people lead a life of abundance and power, The Way Magazine offers a variety of topics and series of articles that reflect the Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship aspects of this ministry. Whether readers are interested in building their understanding of the manners and customs of the Bible, getting answers to life’s common questions, or learning practical truths on how to live with God’s abundance, this easily understood publication meets the need. For those seeking rich and fruitful lives, www.thewaymagazine.com gives them a glimpse of a portion of these valuable truths that can be seen in full in the print and digital editions of The Way Magazine.

To learn more about The Way International, check out our Web site: www.theway.org