About The Way Magazine

The Magazine of Power for Abundant Living

Published by The Way International, this bimonthly magazine is filled with practical articles about living the Word of God. Beginning with the very first issue in April 1952, The Way Magazine has been providing men, women, and young people with timely Biblical truths they can put into practice for consistently powerful results. Today, The Way Magazine continues to help establish spiritual principles in the lives of faithful believers worldwide and is a vital link for them to the rightly divided Word of God as it reaches out worldwide from The Way International Headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio, U.S.A.

Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, the founder of both The Way Ministry and The Way Magazine, set his vision for this unique and dynamic publication, and this is still true today:

The Way Magazine stands alone in its category as the foremost Biblical magazine, reporting the activities and findings of the men and women who are sincerely interested in the great accuracy of God’s Word….We are concerned not with intellectuality, tradition, trend, or the glamorous elements to be found in newsstand periodicals—but that the Word of God might be presented in all of its greatness and simplicity in an attractive, easy-to-read format for the blessing of God’s people.”

As noted on every cover, The Way Magazine is “The Magazine of Power for Abundant Living,” and it is “For People Who Love God and His Word.” This wonderful periodical supports The Way Ministry’s purposes in reaching out to the world with God’s prevailing Word via Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship. Each issue is filled with edifying feature articles written by faithful ministers of Jesus Christ who have carefully researched God’s Word and lovingly presented it with accuracy. Here’s what the content of The Way Magazine has done for these satisfied customers:

“What blesses me about The Way Magazine is how our ministers work the Scriptures diligently in order to present wonderful and specific articles in which the accuracy of God’s Word is given in a very clear and practical way. I love their examples and how they develop and explain God’s Word that applies to every situation in life.”

“The timeliness of each part of the magazine is certainly God-inspired. There is always something that ‘hits the sweet spot’ for me and helps me to better minister to people.”

Presented at a level that reaches young readers, the articles also have the richness and depth to meet the needs of even more seasoned believers. A variety of research series have been presented over the years as well, including Manners and Customs of the Bible, Figures of Speech in the Bible, Keys to Biblical Research, Titles of God in the Bible, and more. Additionally, The Way Magazine has included series on parenting and on what the Bible says about common questions people have in life. All of these series help readers understand the Word of God more deeply, resulting in more steadfastness, stability, and power in their daily walk.

The online digital edition opens up further avenues to reach out worldwide to people who love God and His Word. Additionally, this online edition makes available archived editions for viewing and has a search engine for locating key words, phrases, and verses. For more information about the magazine and a subscription, see our Way Magazine page.

Readers of The Way Magazine feast on the positive truths of God’s Word offered page by page with plentiful variety. Each issue—filled with enlightening, edifying, and practical articles—shows people how to live God’s Word greater. As a result, The Way Magazine has been strengthening God’s believing people with the power of His Word for seventy years. And that power continues to be released…with every issue!

Here’s how a one-year subscription (six issues) to The Way Magazine can help you!

  • Biblical feature articles full of in-depth truths help you manifest God’s power in your life.
  • The Titles of God in the Bible research series helps you understand the different titles, or names, of God that reveal His different characteristics and functions to increase your scope of the Word.
  • Manners and Customs of the Bible articles further open God’s Word to you via an understanding of life in Bible times.
  • Sunday Service Highlights help you see the topics covered at every Sunday Teaching Service during the ministry year.
  • Word Over the World Reports keep you informed of ministry events and more.
  • Poems filled with God’s Word inspire and comfort you.
  • Interactive Activities strengthen you in God’s Word and include: Children’s Activities, “God Promises Us…,” “For Further Study,” and “Read and Do.”
  • Promotions for hot-off-the-press Bookstore releases, coming events, and programs help you to know what resources are available.
  • Letters from the heart connect you with the blessings of believers from around the world.
  • The January/February issue contains the annual Author/Scripture Index, which lists all the authors, articles, and scriptures found in the issues over the past calendar year.

To learn more about The Way International, check out our website: www.theway.org.