What Fuels the Energy of Our Conviction in The Way Ministry?

What Fuels the Energy of Our Conviction in The Way Ministry?

     As the man approached the house, he double-checked the address. Yes, he was in the right place. The porch light was on, and he could hear laughter and conversation coming from the house. He paused on the sidewalk, not yet certain that he’d go inside. The week before, an unpleasant experience had left him feeling displaced and confused, and he was still feeling a little lost. He wasn’t sure what God wanted him to do, or if He even cared. However, his prayers to God for help had led him to an invitation to a Way Ministry fellowship, and here he was. He decided to give it a try.
     He knocked, and as the door opened, he was warmly greeted with a chorus of “God bless you’s” from the “family” inside. Not everyone was related, but it was evident that something was uniting them as a fellowship. The leader of the meeting began with prayer—a prayer that came from the heart, spoken with the confidence that Someone was listening. I want to know God like that, the man thought.
     Throughout the evening he enjoyed the singing, the prayers, and the worship manifestations of holy spirit, which the leader explained were messages of edification from God for this group of people. That was new to the man. His heart was beginning to open to the reality of what God wanted for him. Finally, the leader turned the meeting over to the fellowship coordinator, who opened the Bible to John 10:10 and began to teach.
     “One of the most comforting truths I ever learned is that the Word of God is the will of God. His Word teaches us what He wants for us. And John 10:10 teaches us His will for our lives. Jesus Christ said, ‘The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.’ God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to make available life more abundantly, and God gave us His Word to teach us how to tap into His abundance and power. So, you don’t have to wonder anymore what God desires for your life!”
     As the man drove home that evening, he no longer wandered aimlessly, lost in a world of confusion. In less than an hour, he had turned from darkness unto light by way of the truth of God’s Word, which was opened up to him in that fellowship by those who clearly lived it day by day. He had direction, and for the first time realized that he could absolutely know the will of God for his life—because the Word of God is the will of God. Such peace reigned in his heart. He was definitely going back to learn more!

     Some claim that whatever happens in life is the will of God, for God is sovereign and in complete control of our destiny. Others wander aimlessly from day to day, wondering how to make right decisions and uncertain whether their choices please God. How does a person know what is the will of God? After years of theological studies, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, Founding President of The Way International, set aside the volumes of men’s opinions and focused his studies on the Bible itself. He came to believe this fundamental truth: that the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God. He grew to understand that God’s Word is the very life of God. It is “God-breathed.” It is a living message of a living God to those who want to live a life of abundance.
     The ministry he founded in 1942 is still firmly rooted in the practice of teaching God’s rightly divided Word to others so that they might know God’s heart and will, and experience the joys of living with abundance and power through a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. For seventy-five years The Way Ministry has stayed consistent and steadfast in its pursuit of making known the accuracy of God’s Word in fellowships worldwide so that men and women can bring glory to God as they live in harmony with His will. And by God’s grace, for the next seventy-five years and beyond, or until the lord returns, we will enjoy vigorously reaching out with the delivering truths of God’s Word.
     What fuels the energy of our conviction to make known the accuracy of God’s Word and get it deeply rooted into our daily practices? We firmly believe that the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God and that God makes it available for His people to live above the negatives of the world, to walk with spiritual power, and to get positive results by way of His Son Jesus Christ. We also understand that God’s archenemy, the Devil, seeks to misrepresent God’s will and uses many devices to do so.
     Over time, God’s will has been misunderstood; therefore, many suffer from a lack of knowledge regarding God’s heart for their lives. This is why, as a body of believers, we in The Way Ministry are passionately committed to rightly dividing God’s Holy Word, consistently teaching the truths we learn in His matchless Word, and lining up our practices with God’s will so that our manner of living glorifies Him.
     For those who love God and want to please Him, knowing His will for their lives is very important. That is why so many people gain such peace at their very first Way Ministry fellowship. They learn that the Scriptures reveal God’s Word and will and that they don’t need to wander aimlessly anymore without clear direction. They learn that God loves them and that His Word makes it available for them to understand how to live above the negatives of this world and to enjoy power for abundant living. This is something they recognize not only by way of spoken words but also in the lifestyle of followers of The Way who manifest a victorious mind-set and power-filled lives….

This is an excerpt from the September/October 2017 issue of The Way Magazine.
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